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This is what people are saying:

'I do the classes before settling down to a day 'at the office'. I see the girls off to school, tidy the kitchen, do my 9am class and arrive at my desk at 9.40 ready to fly through my morning to do list.  It's the best way to switch over from home life to work life.'
Clare, busy working mum Age 50


Well done Fiona. You have kept us alive through lockdown.  Even if we have not managed online classes the best thing you have done is keeping in touch with us all and that has been very special.  As for the outdoor classes. Wow that has been very special.  Carry on with your fantastic work and we think you are cool  (as our younger generation say.)

Trish  age 75

Why should you attend these classes?

You will feel stronger and more confident.

You will build positive habits and move more easily.

You can choose a class to suit your schedule and time restrictions.

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Paracise is a low impact, gentle but effective functional exercise class to fabulous music.  Paracise offers an entry point to people who would benefit physically and mentally from lower intensity exercise.  It is ideal for those who find regular fitness classes too demanding, or who haven't exercised for a while, or are coming back from injury.

Paracise is medication in motion.

Circuits - the fun version

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Circuit training is great for everyone no matter your age or ability. It consist of a selection of exercises to help you build strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity and maintain bone density.  Resistance training complements any walking, cycling or swimming.  The Chief Medical Officer for England recommends at least 2 sessions of resistance (strength) training every week and Circuits is the perfect way to do this.  We do an extended warm up and cool down making it suitable for any Cardiac and Cancer rehab patients as well as those with other health issues. We then do 45 seconds of each exercise.  You take it at your own pace. No pressure, just positive outcomes and increased happy hormones.



Wobble and Otago are the ideal exercises if you want to improve or maintain your physical and mental wellbeing and enhance your strength and balance.  They start and end in a chair.  

Inactivity, ageing, illness or injury can result in a loss of functional ability.  Wobble and Otago focus on exercises that help to improve strength, mobility and confidence. 

Plus it's sociable, fun and will boost your happy hormones.

Standing Pilates


Pilates allows you to move more easily in the joints and improves your posture. It helps release muscle tension and soreness and can reduce the risk of injury.  It can also help to increase your circulation, muscle control and improve balance and coordination.

All the benefits of Pilates, but standing up!