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Become fit and strong from home even if you haven’t exercised in years

Hi, I am Fiona. Based in Devon yet have clients from all over the UK join my Zoom classes

Shape Up

Find the best exercises that you can do to return to doing the things that you love, without worrying you will aggravate old injuries and painful health conditions.

Enjoy moving again and feel motivated to stay on track and build the fitness you really want, this time, even if you have failed previously.

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Join our online Zoom fitness classes to get energized and feel rejuvenated.

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Download Zoom

Once signed up with Fast Fiona you'll need to download zoom via the button below

You do not need to create an account, once installed just open zoom an input the meeting ID and password that we will provide to you via a welcome email.


Zoom classes or Face to Face classes?

Zoom classes are the reason you need to get out of bed in the morning.  They are amazing because it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you log on 1 minute before the class and you are finished 40 minutes later, no driving, no waiting in traffic or finding somewhere to park.


I have clients from Devon to Scotland, Southampton to New Zealand.  And, if you can’t make the class, you also have the recording sent to you each day.  No fuss, no excuse, just efficient exercise.


The Zoom classes are suitable for beginners and intermediates, sessions are 30 - 40 minutes long and exercises change each class to strengthen, tone and stretch your whole body. We don’t do any exercises lying on the floor all the exercises are done standing, or if you want to use a chair for a rest or help your balance, that’s fine.


Face to face classes are done in Ilsington or Newton Abbot, Devon. They vary from 40 - 60 minutes in length.

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Well done Fiona. You have kept us alive through lockdown.  Even if we have not managed online classes the best thing you have done is keeping in touch with us all and that has been very special.  As for the outdoor classes. Wow that has been very special.  Carry on with your fantastic work and we think you are cool  (as my grandchildren would say.)

Trish , retired


This is what people are saying:

'I do the classes before settling down to a day 'at the office'. I see the girls off to school, tidy the kitchen, do my 9am class and arrive at my desk at 9.40 ready to fly through my morning to do list.  It's the best way to switch over from home life to work life.'
Clare, busy working mum

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Paracise and Circuit classes

Paracise and Circuit classes are a fantastic form of exercise that focus on improving your tummy muscles, increasing your leg strength and all over body flexibility as well as your mental health and wellbeing. Paracise and circuit classes are based on rehabilitation exercises used by health professionals. People from all walks of life, whether you are working or retired will find great benefits with regular classes and they will complement your walking, swimming or other exercise. 


Whether you are coming to Paracise or Circuits as a complete beginner or a more experienced exerciser, you are making a commitment to yourself and your physical and mental health. 

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Popular Classes


Falls Prevention, Otago and Wobble Classes are aimed at people who have had or nearly had a fall. A trip over a carpet or curbstone? In Otago we follow a prescribed programme of exercise to help balance, increase strength in our legs, arms and shoulders and back as well as improve confidence and your ability to walk strongly and with confidence.


Otago is the first falls exercise programme based on research and designed by physiotherapists. Here are some of the learnings:

1. Falls among people participating in the Otago exercises were reduced by 30% to 66% when compared to controls who were not doing Otago exercises.

2. After one year, injuries due to falls were reduced by 28% in participants performing Otago exercises.

3. The Otago exercise program was most effective at reducing falls for people over the age of 80 years, but people who were younger still found some benefit.

4. 70% of patients performing Otago exercises continued doing the program after one year.

You are not alone Paracise.jpg

20 years of


I am a Level 4 Exercise Specialist in Cardiac and Cancer Rehabilitation. I specialise in Fall Prevention and am a trained Otago and Wobble instructor. 

I have been teaching for over 15 years and I maintain my training and knowledge through regular courses and working with other instructors, and have insurance to teach and instruct.

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on both Zoom and face to face

Paracise Classes on  Zoom:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-9.40am

Submit the Reach Out form for the link.


Paracise Classes that are face to face:

Monday 10.30 -11.15am

Ilsington Village Hall, TQ13 9RG Monday

Paracise Classes that are Face to face:

Tuesday 3-4pm and


Thursday 12-1pm

Buckland Community Centre, Gilbert Rd, Newton Abbot TQ12 4HS

on both Zoom and face to face

Circuits Classes on Zoom 

Tuesday and Thursday on Zoom at 9-9.40am

Submit the Reach Out form for the link.

Circuits Classes that are face to face:

Monday 6-7pm

Ilsington Village Hall, TQ13 9RG Monday


Falls Prevention Classes based on Otago and Wobble on Zoom:

Submit the Reach Out form for the link.


Tuesdays and Fridays at 10-10.30am. 


Please have an upright chair handy for sitting on and using as support whilst standing.

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Your first week of Zoom classes is FREE. Then £7.50/class or £15 for up to 5 classes a week.


Your first face to face class is FREE. Then £10/class or £37.50 for 5 consecutive classes

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BACS Details

Please pay by bank transfer.

F E Paterson

Sort Code 20 76 55

Account Number 70694673

Reach Out

Everyone needs to start some-where, don't put it off, do it now. 

07950 338944


Based in Bovey Tracey, Devon

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