I am an online coach who helps busy women lose weight, tone up and gain confidence, without having to step foot in a gym.

I will help you:
- Lose weight
- Tone up
- Gain confidence
- Gain knowledge
- Create good sustainable habits

How will I help you? :
- We create a tailored nutrition plan based on the foods you actually enjoy eating
- We create a tailored training plan for you to do in the comfort of your own home.

You can join group classes or use the catch-up recordings
- We check in weekly to monitor progress and make plan adaptations to maximise your results
- We communicate on a regular basis so I can support and guide you through the process and you can ask any questions.

Want to work together?  

Please feel free to get in touch.

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Daily online exercise classes, will aid weight loss and help you feel just like you again.
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This is what people are saying:

'I do the classes before settling down to a day 'at the office'. I see the girls off to school, tidy the kitchen, do my 9am class and arrive at my desk at 9.40 ready to fly through my morning to do list.  It's the best way to switch over from home life to work life.'
Clare, busy working mum Age 50

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Well done Fiona. You have kept us alive through lockdown.  Even if we have not managed online classes the best thing you have done is keeping in touch with us all and that has been very special.  As for the outdoor classes. Wow that has been very special.  Carry on with your fantastic work and we think you are cool  (as my grandchildren would say.)

Trish  age 75


Why should you attend these classes?

You will feel stronger and more confident.

You will build good habits and move more freely.

Choose the live classes, the catch up classes or a combination of the two.