• Fiona

A Year in Lockdown

So, it's been a whole year. Especially memorable as we went in to lockdown the day after my Dad's 82nd Birthday, were we celebrated in his garden. This year we celebrated on Zoom. I know it's been a very long year for him especially. The only complaint i've heard though is that the Birthday cards aren't up to standard any more as he's not been in to a shop for a year to choose any.

We've all learned a lot about ourselves. And I think I am probably like many people wondering what it will be like to really mix and mingle in groups in the future. Will my classes ever go back to face to face. Yes, people love the chatting and social element, and 60% of my clients wouldn't come online for exercise, but the ones who did come online love the fact that they can do so many classes each week and just slip the class in like doing the gardening or making breakfast. That, and my wonderful clients now stretch from Devon to Oban and all points inbetween!

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