Hi there, I’m Fiona.

Let's get moving in a safe and comfortable way!

Have you been advised that it would be beneficial to move a bit more?

Why not try a small, bitesized session of gentle activity? You will feel happier, more comfortable and confident. The classes and videos are accessible and achievable. The movements will improve your flexibility, strength and posture. Gentle on the joints, the workouts do not involve floor work.

If you rest, you rust!

About me

I am working on projects with the Active Devon Connecting Actively with Nature projects, Teignbridge District Council and KingsCare, Kingsteignton .

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I started my fitness career as a one-to-one personal trainer and then moved in to Cardiac Rehab phase IV group classes.  I managed a local government Exercise (GP) Referral scheme for 10 years, pushing paper and teaching exercise classes with my team of exercise professionals.  Having moved to the West Country, I started teaching classes in halls prior to lockdown.  I've found that as i have carried on teaching online, my clients have become fitter, stronger, more positive and more committed than ever.  Rather than one class per week, many are now doing 7 online classes a week.  

I am trained in Cardiac Rehab Phase lV and Cancer Rehab, with a great interest in balance and falls prevention. I am trained as a Paracise, Wobble and Otago instructor.  Otago is an evidence based falls prevention, strength and balance  programme.  I am Level 4 qualified member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

Having been lucky to be active and enjoy the outdoors most of my life, I love making movement fun and possible to people who might be in pain, be recovering from illness or surgery or just haven't got around to being active for a while. 

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Let's Get Started

Everyone needs to start some-where, don't put it off, do it now. 

Move More Age Better!

If you would like to contact me, please do:

 Email:   fastfiona@hotmail.com

 Phone: 07950 338944


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